US nuclear submarine collides with an unknown object


A US Navy nuclear-powered attack submarine sustained damage after colliding with an object in the Indo-Pacific.

The US Pacific Fleet said in a statement Thursday that the USS Connecticut (SSN 22) nuclear-powered Seawolf-class submarine collided with an unknown object on October 2, confirming the submarine was damaged and an unspecified number of sailors were injured.

The submarine accident was first reported by USNI News.

The US Pacific Fleet (PACFLEET) refused to disclose what the submarine had collided with during the accident, and only confirmed that the accident was under investigation.

The “Business Insider” website indicated that there are no indications that the collision was hostile or that some other ships were involved.

In addition, PACFLEET refused to say exactly where the collision occurred, but US officials told “Fox News” that it occurred in the South China Sea.

In the context, the Navy stated that the submarine was in a safe and stable condition, that the nuclear propulsion plant and its associated premises were not affected, and that there were no life-threatening injuries.

The USS Connecticut is one of only three Seawolf-class submarines and is widely considered among the US Navy’s most capable submarines. .

Although the US Navy still operates its limited fleet of Seawolf-class submarines, which also includes the USS Seawolf and USS Jimmy Carter, the service’s primary attack submarine is the Virginia-class submarine.

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