Via Al-Qaeda.. Sources reveal US Houthi cooperation targeting Salafis in Yemen


Sources close to the Houthis revealed that the group handed the American side fictitious names that include al-Qaeda and ISIS elements and leaders, who said that they were eliminated on the battlefronts in Dammaj, al-Bayda and Marib.

The sources added that the Houthi group had previously provided information indicating that former President Ali Abdullah Saleh was not serious about fighting terrorism, accusing Saleh of supporting religious groups, which it described as terrorist, in addition to accusing him of smuggling a number of al-Qaeda members through a false scenario about digging a political security prison. and provide facilities for that.

The false Houthi information included the names of a large number of leaders in the national resistance, including the Sheikh of the Salafists in Dammaj, Sheikh Yahya al-Hajouri, in addition to accusing a number of moderate leaders in the national army and the Islah party as well.

The Houthi militia apologized for handing over to the United States people it accused Washington of terrorism, but pledged to liquidate them in the context of the war, fearing a popular reaction against them, including leaders accusing them of having a relationship in the operations targeting the American embassy and the American destroyer Cole.

The Houthi militia had released members of al-Qaeda according to previous media leaks, and it is also linked to extremist leaders, which paves the way for the militia by benefiting terrorist operations in preparation for the Houthi militia to emerge as the savior of the Yemeni people and open the way for it to control areas under the control of the legitimate government for the provisions of its rule over Yemen in full. The framework of the velayat-e faqih of the Iranian regime, which is trying to swallow the Arab countries.

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