Video: Kuwaiti famous watch collects donations of one million dollars for refugees during one live broadcast


The famous Kuwaiti YouTuber known as Abu Fella launched a campaign in cooperation and partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to raise one million dollars to help refugees before the onset of winter.
Abu Fella succeeded in raising one million dollars for the refugees, during a live broadcast that lasted for a day and a few hours of continuous live broadcasts to get one million dollars on Abu Fella’s YouTube channel.
The number of followers of the live broadcast on YouTube reached half a million followers, and Abu Fella got more than 200 thousand subscribers on his channel in just one day.
The UNHCR said in a statement posted on its official website: “Belief in the societal role, Abu Falla, one of the most popular video players in the Arab world, and owner of the largest growing YouTube channel in the world, decided to dedicate his efforts to supporting humanitarian causes.”

She added that, in recognition of his channel’s crossing of 20 million subscribers, “he decided to launch a joint campaign with the UNHCR to provide the needs of thousands of refugee and displaced families during the winter season.”

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