Video: Watch a fierce and articulated battle and a high intensity of fire now in the Al-Alam camp in Shabwa


Meanwhile, government forces (Saturday dawn) are waging fierce military battles against the Shabwani Elite Forces of the Southern Transitional Council, in the Al-Alam camp in Jardan District, east of Shabwa Governorate.

Field sources said that battles were taking place in the meantime with various weapons between the army deployed in the vicinity of the camp and the Shabwani elite stationed in Dakhla.
The sources pointed out that the army forces are trying to control the camp in light of the delay of the Saudi committee entrusted with the task of handing over the camp, after the departure of the Emirati forces.
Video clips showed some of the battles taking place in the camp, showing intense fires and intense confrontations between the two sides.

The sources suggested that the camp would fall into the hands of government forces during the next few hours.
For its part, the “Independent Aden” channel, speaking on behalf of the Southern Transitional Council, said that the governor of Shabwa, Muhammad bin Adyo, directed the Special Forces and the forces of the 21st Mika Brigade to attack the Shabwa Elite Forces that are stationed in the Al-Alam camp.
The Emirati forces that were stationed in the camp left a few days ago towards Saudi Arabia, and the Shabwani Elite Forces were stationed in the camp.

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