Video: Watch decisive moments from the battle to liberate Al-Alam camp and expel the Southern Transitional militia in Shabwa


On Saturday, the Yemeni army distributed scenes from the battle to liberate the Al-Alam camp, in Jardan District, Shabwa Governorate (south of the country), from the Southern Transitional militia, backed by the UAE.
A video clip showed a side of violent battles, during which various types of weapons and bullets were used.
The National Army announced the liberation of the camp in a lightning military operation, and the expulsion of the Southern Transitional Militia (the Shabwani Elite), which was stationed inside it after the departure of the Emirati forces.
For his part, the governor of Shabwa, Muhammad Saleh bin Adyo, directed the release of all prisoners from the Shabwani Elite, who were captured by the army during the battle of liberation.

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