Video: Watch the tragic end of Houthi militia fighters south of Marib


Today, Wednesday, the Yemeni army distributed new scenes, showing the bodies of the terrorist Houthi militia members, scattered on the fronts of the Marib Governorate (eastern Yemen), after the militia left them behind and fled.
A video clip, broadcast by the Media Center of the Armed Forces, shows a number of Houthi militia members who were killed during the recent military confrontations with the National Army forces south of Marib.
According to the video, some of the bodies belong to children who were dragged by the terrorist militia into the fighting fronts.
Armed militia members fell during battles in which the Yemeni army regained new military sites in Murad, south of Marib Governorate.

For his part, Major General Mufreh Buhaibeh, commander of the Baihan axis, commander of the 26th Infantry Brigade, called on citizens in the Houthi occupation areas to protect themselves and their children and not throw them to death on the Houthi side.
Addressing the deceived, Buhaibah said: “Go back to your senses, return to the ranks of the homeland and the fold of the republic. Al-Houthi will not win,” and that victory will be the ally of the army, the resistance, and the free people of Yemen.

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