Wa’ad Al-Tahrir Wafa – Al-Hodeidah Gate, Ibb’s neighbor, Taiz port, and Aden Road.. Accounts of the side and the front: Why Hays?


Waiting for the time to move forward and resume the promise of liberation, in the field..the joint forces were always there..and there was sense; The city, the directorate, the direction, and the front.

The joint forces completed the tasks of liberating the areas, countryside and ports of Hays, south of Hodeidah, during an operation launched within the repositioning plan, freeing them from the restrictions of Stockholm. Important mountain ranges, vast areas and major outlets, which the forces recaptured in contiguous areas of operations, west of Taiz, south of Hodeidah, and in line with the administrative borders of Ibb / Al-Aden. These gains are not trivial.

The following presentation, updated from a previous publication plus an additional year rounds, a significant difference between its beginning and its end, gives an approximate picture of the importance of the region and the value of the gains of two days of its continued operation.

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In early February 2018, the city of Hays was liberated; The center of Hays District, which is the second city and district of Al Hudaydah Governorate from which the Houthi militias expelled Iran’s mercenaries in Yemen, after Al Khokha city, the entrance to Al Hudaydah Governorate and its first southern districts on the western coast, coming from Bab Al Mandeb / Dhu Bab Falmkha, west of Taiz Governorate.

Four years..fighting and sparring

Over the course of nearly four years, the joint forces stationed in the Hays front have controlled their advanced positions and secured the city, the population, and the overlapping and intertwined interests of citizens with other districts such as Al-Tahita, Al-Khoukha and Al-Mokha, in the face of attacks, shelling, assaults, infiltration attempts, penetrations, bombing operations, and targeting by Houthi militias.

And the joint forces on the Hays front have always been engaged in violent and continuous confrontations with the militias and their reinforcements, which are constantly flowing from different regions and governorates, towards the center of Hays, through the Hays and Al-Aden/Al-Jarrahi junctions, in endless attempts to make breakthroughs and return to the areas from which they were defeated.

The Houthi militia lost large numbers of its members and gunmen, and in turn lost large heads, field leaders and supervisors, and the successive batches and mobilizations of human and military reinforcements evaporated, under the strikes of the joint men.

The beginning of the year 2021… and the end of it

It was a big round of escalation in Hais, launched by the militias at the beginning of this year in Hais and towards its center, and heavy-caliber Houthi heads rolled and lost hundreds in fierce and famous tours documented by photos and videos. The joint venture is sweeping the militias and liberating the ruling areas and outlets, even the Al-Aden Junction and Triangle.
In the beginning of 2021 and in the southern regions of Hays District, the terrorist Houthi militia doubled down on targeting population centers and people through what it calls “educational lectures” and “awareness” of the bloodshed and demolition invoked by Quranic culture, up to the obligation to mobilize fighters from the district’s sons, under the pressure of the human bleeding it suffers through all Field attempts and escalation in the same directorate.

Local sources said that the Houthi militia is trying to circumvent the succession of failure of all its escalatory attempts to bring about any change in the equation of spread and control and penetration of contact lines and advanced positions in the Hays sector, south of Hodeidah, and intensified its movements towards the population centers and villages that remained under its control to compel the people to fight and push their children to the front.
Militia elements spread in villages and gatherings under their control in the south of Hays district, in recent days, and stormed qat councils and people’s gatherings to implement what it calls “awareness of the Qur’anic march.”

But things have always and as happened this time, too, at the end of the councils calling for recruitment and the mobilization of young people to the front and the blazing battle lines in the district and on the outskirts and in the administrative borders of Ibb governorate.
The militias accuse the villagers in Hays of supporting the joint forces, and are trying by various means to push them and their sons into the incinerator of confrontations and forced retrenchment.

The Houthi militias focus and direct a large and important part of their military and combat efforts, especially towards Hays, for several reasons and considerations that gave Hays a double importance from the geographical and strategic military perspectives.

Hess represented the main logistical support and supply line for the joint forces and the Liberation Brigades in the interior and the coast.

A local source told the West Coast that the militias obligated every sheikh of a gathering and village to ban at least six individuals, provided that these are assembled and sent to attend a training course in Sanaa and returned to Hays.

The militias repeated the same methods of deceiving and luring young people and civilians under pressure and obligation through sheikhs and notables, and the illusion that the recruits would return as security guards to their areas. The same thing happened in the countryside of Hays, Zabid and Beit al-Faqih, so that the people of the villages returned bodies or body parts.

For example: 24 hours!

As one example of the intense activity witnessed by the Hays front, and the Houthis’ continuous focus towards the city and the district, the 24 hour events (on the evening and day of Friday, September 24, 2020) give a brief picture and an intense visualization:

The joint forces broke two attempts to infiltrate the Houthi militia in the sector of the city of Hays, causing deaths and injuries. A military source in Hays said that the units of the joint forces stationed in the front lines from the north and east clashed with Houthi elements who tried to approach their positions. This came a day after the joint forces thwarted an attempt to infiltrate the Houthis in the same district, inflicting heavy losses on them.

The house of a citizen, in the Dar Naji area of ​​Hays district, was burned down by Houthi militia fire. A local source in Hais said that the house of the citizen (Suleiman Dobla), located in the Dar Naji area, west of Hais, was burned by Houthi machine gun fire after the militias targeted the area.

A child was seriously injured, inside his house in the city of Hays, south of Hodeidah, after Houthi militias targeted residential neighborhoods in the city. A medical source at Al-Khoukha Hospital said: The child, Essam Talib Muhammad Qassem (8 years), was wounded in the left side of the chest by Houthi bullets in the city of Hays, and his condition is very serious. A relative of the child said that they had been displaced in Hays district for three years.

The Houthi militias continued their bombardment of residential neighborhoods in the center of the city of Hays, causing severe damage to the homes of citizens. Local sources in Hays said: The Houthi militia bombed populated residential neighborhoods with 120-caliber heavy mortars and RBGs, and opened fire from their machine guns at the same time. The sources added that the militias’ bombing caused severe damage to a number of homes and properties of citizens, in addition to the death of a number of animals.
The Houthi militia bombed residential neighborhoods in the Beit Maghari area of ​​the Hays district. A local source said that residential neighborhoods and citizens’ homes in the Beit Maghari area, northwest of Hays, were subjected to artillery shelling by the Houthi militia. He added that the bombing was hysterical and indiscriminate, and it terrified the people.

The accounts of the side and the front: Why Hiss?

The Houthi militias focus and direct a large and important part of their military and combat efforts, especially towards Hays, for several reasons and considerations that have given Hays a double importance from the geographical and strategic military perspectives.

Hays overlooks the internal line and the main road that connects Taiz and Hodeidah and passes through the Al-Adeen Junction linking with Ibb.

Wahes is the southern gate of Hodeidah from the inland side, if al-Khokha is the coastal gate. The movement of the main line connecting Hodeidah and Aden passes through Hays and its Al-Hakim junction.
Hays is geographically and administratively connected to the coastal districts of Al-Tuhayta and Al-Khoukha, south of Al-Hodeidah.

It is also connected and adjacent, on its southern and southeastern sides, with the coastal districts of Mocha and Mawza, west of Taiz.

Hess represented the main logistical support and supply line for the joint forces and the Liberation Brigades in the interior and the coast.

Houthi militias are present and dominate in pockets, agricultural areas, farms and lands around the city of Hays, and from there they carry out bombing operations, daily attacks, infiltration attempts, and attacks using reinforcements and constantly arriving forces.

Hot Diaries

The city of Hays, and the General Directorate, are considered, for the aforementioned factors, the most vulnerable to confrontation and targeting, direct interaction and clash with the Houthi escalation diaries on more than one direction and across all axes of contact and advanced frontlines.

Militias rain randomly and almost daily neighborhoods, houses, markets and roads in the city of Hais with various weapons and heavy and missile shells, constantly causing casualties and injuries among the population and civilians, as well as damage to homes and gatherings of displaced people.

The city of Hays hosts large numbers of displaced citizens and residents who have fled their rural villages with their lives under threat, expulsion and Houthi oppression. The Houthi militias have evacuated dozens of villages of their residents and turned them and their homes into barricades, trenches and military sites.

The militias planted and booby-trapped villages, farms, and internal roads in the countryside of Hais and the corridors leading to the city with large numbers of mines of various sizes and purposes, and camouflaged and modified explosive devices, in addition to the explosive projectiles and Houthi remnants of death.

Hardly a day passes in Hays and its countryside, in which a new crime is not recorded in the militias’ balance against civilians who are victims of mines and explosive objects, including deadly tools planted and distributed by militias in the form of toys, killing a number of children, leaving injuries and disabilities.

In this regard, Hays pays its residents and citizens the victims of the crimes and targeting of Houthi snipers, men, women and children, farmers, shepherds, loggers and even passers-by and bike users. It recorded dozens of heinous crimes against women, displaced people and children with sniper bullets and Houthi killers, including cases of girls who lost their lives on the eve of their wedding and women pregnant women.

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Under these circumstances and circumstances, the joint forces bear the responsibility of protecting and securing peace and security and repelling Houthi attacks and foolishness. The heroes on the Hays fronts recorded the feats of heroism and redemption, and sacrificed the martyrs and wounded during dozens of rounds, fierce battles, fierce confrontations with crowds, infiltrations and attacks by militias that incurred heavy losses on the Hays fronts and failed and constantly failed to achieve any result or breakthrough under the misdemeanours of the Stockholm Agreement and the false ceasefire.

The heroes and commanders of the joint forces on the Hays front stress the inevitability of announcing the termination of the Stockholm Agreement and the abolition of the cover-up magic and the cover-up that was undertaken internationally for the benefit of terrorist militias, treachery, and breach of covenants and covenants.

Completing the mission, continuing the liberation, and defeating the militias is the goal and aspiration of each of the fighters who are waiting for instructions to continue their advance, uproot the remnants of the militias, and clear pockets, towns, and other districts in Tihama, the coast, and Hodeidah.

…. The promise was a fulfillment, and the joint forces accomplished the liberation with decisive strikes, and during a continuous operation, a lot was resolved and a lot of areas and mountain ranges were liberated within three days, and the field is open..

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