Wadi Hadramout… The Valley Security Director discusses the security situation and issues important directives


Today, Saturday, the Director General of Security and Police in Hadhramaut Al-Wadi and Sahara Governorate, Brigadier Mubarak Ahmed Al-Awbthany, held a meeting with the directorates of security in the directorates to discuss the progress of security work in the directorates, the most prominent difficulties facing it and the needs and capabilities required to raise the security capacity.

In the meeting, Al-Abthani stressed the importance of intensifying efforts and raising the morale of security personnel because of their positive role in consolidating the pillars of security, stability and public tranquility in all directorates of the valley and the desert.

The Director of Security in the Valley and the Desert praised the efforts of the security and police of the Tarim and Al-Qattan directorates in following up and controlling outlaws and uncovering the circumstances of several unknown cases, and the speed of dealing with citizens’ complaints and deciding on them, referring them to the competent authorities, and submitting daily reports and reports to operations.

Al-Obthany directed the security of the directorates to tighten procedures at the main security points in the directorates and to compel shops to install surveillance cameras to enhance security and stability, redouble efforts and follow up on the heads of criminal investigation departments in completing citizens’ cases and combating drugs of all kinds.

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