“Washington” receives the file of the war in Yemen from “Riyadh”, the day after the green light of the American, British and French


The director of the Abaad Center for Studies and Research, Abdul Salam Muhammad, said that “it seems that Washington has withdrawn the Yemen file from Riyadh.” In the aftermath of the US-British-French green light for the Arab coalition and the recognized Yemeni government to fight a decisive battle against the Houthi rebels.

Muhammad explained in a post on his Facebook page, monitored by “The Yemeni Scene,” that “with Biden’s arrival at the White House, his first decision was to remove the Houthis from the lists of terrorism for free to stop the war in Yemen. Steve Fagin, ambassador to Yemen, was Chargé d’Affairs in Iraq.

This comes in conjunction with the continued movements of the US envoy to Yemen, Timothy Lenderking, in the region.

In a meeting with the delegation of the Southern Transitional Council, headed by Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, in Riyadh, Lenderking stressed that “the time has come for all parties and groups to make progress on the Riyadh Agreement and to confront the common threats of Houthi provocations, the economic crisis and insecurity.”

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