Watch a harsh message to the Lebanese from a Saudi prince, Ali Khalifa, “Qardahi” statements regarding the Yemen war, “video”


On Saturday evening, a Saudi prince sent a message to the Lebanese against the backdrop of the crisis of the statements of Minister of Information George Kordahi, which angered the Kingdom and met it and other Gulf countries with punitive measures.

This came in a lengthy video clip of Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed, which he posted on his YouTube account, where bin Musaed confirmed that he loves Lebanon, and spent a period of their childhood there, as well as most Saudis love the Lebanese people.

The Saudi prince said, “Qardahi’s statements are the drop that filled the Saudi cup of patience with regard to Lebanese politics.”

He criticized Qardahi’s description of the Yemen war as a “futile war.” Bin Musaed said, “The word absurd war is a term used by many who do not have friendly feelings for the kingdom. These facts have been obliterated and turned into lies over time.”

He said that the Houthis turned against the legitimate authority in Yemen, which demanded the Kingdom to intervene, and they also conducted a maneuver with heavy weapons on the borders of the Kingdom, pointing out that there are land borders between Saudi Arabia and Yemen up to about 1500 km, it was unreasonable for Riyadh to allow him to rule Yemen is a militia affiliated with Iran by force of arms, according to him.

He continued, “This clearly shows that the war is not in vain, and that the absurdity was that Saudi Arabia did nothing about what is happening.”

Bin Musaed addressed the Lebanese, saying: “You or your governments have recently accepted the principle of disassociation, that is, to be at the same distance from the opposing parties, and we, as Saudis, saw that this is acceptable but unfair, so how can we put what Iran offered to Lebanon, and what Saudi Arabia offered in one fold? “.

He asked: “During the last 30 years, what was the amount of aid provided by Iran and Saudi Arabia to Lebanon. How many Lebanese working in Saudi Arabia and the size of their remittances, how many are there in Iran and the size of their remittances, how many Iranian and Saudi investments in Iran?”

He continued: “I invite you to get the answers from neutral parties. Then ask yourselves, is the balance of Saudi Arabia equal with that of Iran in terms of benefits and interests? What comes to the Lebanese from Saudi Arabia other than the reconstruction of what others destroy every time, other than the effort I urged to end a civil war through the Taif Agreement?” Other than providing decent job opportunities that the Lebanese deserve, by the hundreds of thousands, in Saudi Arabia, other than investments in Lebanon in hotels, restaurants, real estate, bank deposits, and pumping money into the Lebanese economy.”

He went on, “While Iran has brought you the ammonia nitrate that blew up the port of Beirut?”

And Saudi Arabia announced yesterday evening, Friday, the recall of its ambassador to Beirut, and giving the Lebanese ambassador in the Kingdom 48 hours to leave the country, and Kuwait, the Emirates and Bahrain joined in this decision.

The Kingdom also announced stopping the entry of Lebanese imports into its territory, against the background of statements made by the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, who refused to apologize for the war in Yemen.

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