Watch..a qualitative military operation that turns Houthi fighters and their vehicles into “charcoal” in the Abdiya district


On Thursday evening, the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy published scenes documenting the moments of targeting Houthi militia fighters and militia military vehicles in the Abdiya district, south of Ma’rib governorate.

According to the Arab coalition, the video documents the targeting of military vehicles and elements of the Houthi militia in the Abdiya district.

The scenes show Houthi elements before the targeting and then after the targeting process, after the military vehicles were turned into blocks of coal.

Earlier, the Arab coalition announced that more than 150 Houthi fighters had been killed in a new toll of air raids during the past hours in the Abdiya district, south of Marib.

The coalition said in a brief statement published by the Saudi Al-Arabiya channel that its warplanes carried out 36 targeting operations against the equipment and elements of the Houthi group in Al-Abdiya within 24 hours.

He added that the operation included the destruction of 11 Houthi vehicles in Abdiya, and casualties exceeded 150 members.
And since last September 21, the Houthi militia has imposed a suffocating siege on hundreds of citizens in the Al-Abdiyyah district, while its citizens are facing starvation as a result of preventing them from entering food, water and medicine, amid warnings of an impending disaster.

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