Watch .. an army soldier counting the number of Houthi dead after removing the numbered chains from their hands


Activists circulated on social media platforms a picture of a soldier in the National Army calculating the number of Houthi dead after snatching the numbered chains from their hands, which the militia puts on in order to identify their bodies after their inevitable burning by the aviation or the artillery of the National Army.

He showed the “Yemeni Scene” a picture of a fighter in the National Army in Ma’rib governorate calculating the death toll of the Houthi militia within a week only after he filled his hand with chains that contained information about the Houthi fighters.

According to the activists, this operation came after the Houthi militia’s dead were buried in mass graves in the Marib desert by the National Army. The chains were placed with a number for each burial, so that it would facilitate the process of handing over these bodies to the militia in case they deviated from peace or handing them over to your families in the event of the militia’s defeat.

Sources in the National Army confirmed earlier to the Yemeni scene that the Houthis do not care about the bodies of their dead tribesmen, as well as the prisoners, while the Houthi militia demands the bodies of the dead members of the clan members or prisoners.

The Houthi militia sacrifices dozens of fighters from among the tribesmen in return for returning the rotting corpse of the descendants who died on the battlefronts, or parts of this corpse in the event that it was killed by the aviation.

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