Watch fierce night battles south of Marib, and the army confirms: Houthi bodies and their weapons in a reef “video”


The National Army distributed, this evening, Saturday, new scenes of fierce military battles, which its forces are waging, on the southern fronts of Marib Governorate (in the northeast of the country).
A videotaped video showed intense nighttime military confrontations, in which various weapons and bullets were used, with high intensity of fire.
Earlier, the Yemeni army confirmed the death of dozens of militia members, and the rest of them fled under the strikes of the heroes, leaving behind the bodies of their dead and their weapons in a reef in the south of Marib governorate, according to the media center of the Yemeni armed forces.

According to the center, the army artillery targeted 2 combat teams carrying militia reinforcements, in addition to targeting their gatherings in separate locations south of Marib.

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