Watch Five Minutes of Hell.. Battles are the fiercest between the army and the Houthis in Marib


Marib governorate witnessed violent and direct battles between the legitimate forces and the Houthi coup militia south of Marib, especially on the Rawdat Jahm front in Wadi Dhanna and al-Aaref in al-Juba. under shadow The attempts of the Houthis to advance to control the Balk Mountains, which will enable them to control the city of Marib.

The Media Center of the Armed Forces published a video clip documenting the fiercest battles of the night that the heroes of the army and the resistance are waging against the Houthi militias in the southern front of Marib Governorate.

A military source said that the fronts of Dhanna and al-Ayraf in al-Juba witnessed fierce and direct battles with great intensity of fire that reached the point of collision of 23 mm artillery rounds in the air in the heart of the battle, and the intensity of fire.

The coalition warplanes launched 9 raids on Houthi sites in Serwah, and 7 raids on Houthi sites in Al-Juba.

The Houthi militia did not succeed in making any progress after taking control of the Al-Amoud area in Al-Juba and Wadi Dhanna, where the legitimate forces fortified their defenses greatly as it is an important defensive line for the city of Marib. Marib but failed to do so.

Saudi Arabia sent large reinforcements to Marib from the Yemeni forces stationed on the Saudi-Yemeni borders to protect the Kingdom from ground attacks. These forces have received highly trained and armed Saudi forces under their command.

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