Watch in pictures… A heavy security spread in Taiz in light of the continuation of angry popular protests


Popular demonstrations continue in Taiz Governorate, western Yemen, for the second day in a row, amid a heavy security presence in the city’s streets, denouncing the catastrophic living conditions in which citizens live in light of the catastrophic collapse of the local currency and the absence of the government.

Local sources told the Yemeni scene, that mass rallies are roaming the streets of Taiz, condemning the collapse of the currency due to the deterioration of living conditions and the failure of the government, while shops and exchange companies in the streets of Taiz continue to close their doors for the second day.

The demonstrators raised slogans calling for the dismissal of the government headed by Moeen Abdul-Malik and burned pictures to express their anger at the government, which failed to control exchange rates and prevent the currency from collapsing, which was reflected in food prices and exacerbated the economic crises that burdened Yemenis.

This comes in light of calls for the continuation of protests condemning the collapse of the currency and the deterioration of living conditions, after the exchange of one dollar reached 1200 Yemeni riyals, while the Saudi exceeded 320 riyals, in the largest historical collapse witnessed by the local currency.

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