Watch luxurious palaces turn into a ghost town in Turkey


A residential project in Turkey has raised many questions, as the reconstruction process began in 2014 between Istanbul and Ankara and was able to attract many investors and rich people to buy luxury homes.

The construction company named the complex “Burj Al Babis”, which according to the project combines about 700 palaces and homes, in addition to gardens and large areas for entertainment.

The actual reconstruction of the palaces began in 2014 after the entry of investments and money by rich people who agreed to buy homes in the complex, but in 2018 the project faced financial difficulties due to the economic crisis and the decline in the exchange rate of the Turkish lira, which led to its complete halt in 2019.

The residential complex, which has become a ghost town in recent years, has become a destination for tourists and risk-seekers who publish photos and videos from the area, which some called the city of palaces and ghosts.

The published pictures showed that the empty houses and palaces built years ago are similar to each other, as if they were copied and pasted by building programs used by engineers during the reconstruction process.

In 2021, the American company “NOVA Group Holdings” acquired the entire project, where it plans to undertake several new projects on the ruins of the previous one.

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