Watch… the arrest of a Houthi leader and the mobilization official for militias wearing women’s clothes in Marib (video)


The security services in Marib Governorate arrested a Houthi leader, who tried to infiltrate the city, wearing women’s clothes.

Today, Sunday, security sources said that the security forces arrested a leading member of the Houthi militia at one of the security points in Marib, who tried to infiltrate the city, wearing women’s clothes.

The sources pointed out that the Houthi element called Manea Ali Hassan, worked with the Houthi militia, under the name “Omniyat” and moved to fight in the Nehm area and worked as part of the armament at the front and then as an assistant to the supervisor of mobilization and recruitment.

The sources indicated that the leader, Hassan, tried to infiltrate the city of Ma’rib and was arrested at the first security point of the Special Security Forces at the entrance to the city.

The sources confirmed that the security forces were able to discover the Houthi leader, despite wearing women’s clothes, and he was arrested, and on the car that was waiting for his arrival at the next point, and handed them over to the competent authorities.

In turn, the Commander of the Special Security Forces in Marib Governorate, Brigadier General Salim Al-Siyaghi, confirmed that the eyes of the security forces are not oblivious to the methods of the Houthi militias and are able to reveal their camouflage and decipher the complexities of the codes that address them and their movements.

He pointed out, in press statements, that whoever thinks of harming the security, safety and stability of citizens in Ma’rib, the security men have a high ability to deal with him with firmness and strength before he implements his plan, and that the fate of all cells and infiltrators is to be caught and handed over to justice so that they may receive their punishment in accordance with the law and order.

This comes, days after the seizure of a Houthi cell in women’s clothes in Al-Wadi district, which was planning to carry out terrorist operations.

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