Watch.. The arrival of fierce forces to Marib, one day after the arrival of similar forces (photos)


Today, Wednesday, large military forces arrived in Ma’rib Governorate (eastern Yemen), to support the National Army in the national battle it is waging against the Houthi coup militia.

Local sources said that large military reinforcements arrived in the city of Ma’rib, including hundreds of professionally trained soldiers, to participate in the battle to defeat the Houthi militia fighters from Ma’rib.

Activists published pictures documenting a side of the military forces that arrived in Marib Governorate to support the army and the popular resistance to defeat the Iranian Houthi militia.

Earlier, the National Army announced that a new batch of snipers had joined the battlefronts in Marib.

On Tuesday, the legitimate government announced the arrival of military units to the city of Marib from the Azal axis in Saada Governorate, stressing that military forces will arrive in Marib in the coming days.

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