Watch the extent of the destruction inflicted on the city of Mukalla after the effects of Storm Shaheen… Preliminary photos


A number of circulated pictures showed the extent of damage to public and private properties in the city of Mukalla as a result of torrential torrents and torrential rains caused by the effects of Hurricane Shaheen, which hit the Omani lands adjacent to Yemen.

Activists from the Hadhramaut governorate circulated, through social media platforms, photos and videos that showed some of the high water level in the streets of the city of Mukalla, and the panic of citizens who are unable to move.

Some videos, which were widely circulated on social media platforms, showed citizens gathering in the city of Mukalla around cars swept away by torrential rain, in a state of chaos.

The city of Mukalla witnessed heavy rain, hours after the meteorological center warned of the weather repercussions of Hurricane Shaheen, despite its fading on land in the Sultanate of Oman.

Meteorologists had warned of the repercussions of Hurricane Shaheen, in a number of southern coastal governorates, where the effects are expected to be transmitted to the rest of the country during the next 48 hours, calling for avoiding torrential streams.

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