Watch the funeral of a woman on a coffin in the form of a male genitalia (video)


Funerals in Ghana are very important social occasions, as they believe in sending their loved ones to their resting places with joy, and recently, strange videos of funerals have spread in this country, perhaps the most famous of them are people dancing while carrying the coffin.

Social media pioneers transmitted a video clip documenting a large funeral procession with a coffin in the form of a male genitalia.

It turns out that the funeral in the strange coffin belonged to a woman who had given birth to 10 children from 10 different men, so the townspeople decided to say goodbye to her like this.

Ghana is famous for being the country where the dead are buried in the strangest forms of coffins, and loved ones there believe that the dead should get the best farewell possible, so funerals are very complicated matters there.

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