Watch the record rise in the water level in the Bates Dam in Abyan


The water level in the Batis Dam in the Abyan Governorate, southern Yemen, has risen to a record level, following heavy rains and torrential torrents that hit several areas in the governorate as a result of the effects of Hurricane Shaheen.

A video clip obtained by “The Yemeni Scene” showed a record and unprecedented rise in the water level in the Batis Dam in the Abyan Governorate, as a result of the torrential torrents that the governorate’s valleys witnessed after the heavy rains during the past days.

Citizens in the city of Zanzibar in the Abyan governorate had mentioned earlier that Wadi Hassan, east of Zanzibar, witnessed a heavy flow of torrential torrents, which led to the obstruction of traffic and the accumulation of dozens of cars and thousands of travelers on the line linking Aden and Abyan.

Many Yemeni governorates have been witnessing heavy thunderstorms and torrential torrents for days, affected by Hurricane Shaheen, coming from the Sultanate of Oman, amid warnings from Yemeni meteorologists to caution citizens and avoid walking in torrential streams.

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