Watch the video.. “a legal analyst” in Egypt raises controversy after announcing his marriage to 33 divorced women “for the sake of God’s face”!


An Egyptian man raised a state of controversy after being hosted on a television station, as a “Shari’a Analyst”, marrying divorced women with the aim of returning them to their husbands, in a move he said was “for the sake of God Almighty” and for free, but he sets a condition for that; According to local media.

The journalist Sharif Amer hosted Mohamed Al-Mallah, who works as a “legal analyst” and has a page on the social networking site Facebook, for the marriage of divorced women, similar to the role of the artist Adel Imam in the play “Al-Wad Sayed Al-Shaghal”, which is a prohibited step.

Muhammad Al-Mallah, who works as an accountant in a company in Egypt, said on MBC Egypt that he was married as an analyst 33 times, indicating that his service is not provided to anyone, unless it is a personal acquaintance or through a trusted person.

Muhammad Al-Mallah, for his part, explained that he is doing it for free and without charge, indicating that he is doing it for free

“He marries a fully legal marriage with all its pillars.”

The navigator pointed out that the longest period of marriage in 33 times lasted for only 10 days, and then he divorced her.

Meanwhile, Muhammad al-Mallah confirmed that he would stop his work as an analyst, if the Egyptian Dar al-Iftaa issued a fatwa prohibiting this act and its impermissibility.

“May God curse the analyst”

For his part, Dr. Mabrouk Attia, a professor at Al-Azhar University, rejected what Muhammad al-Mallah offers, stressing that marriage in Islam is a condition of perpetuation without a specific period.

Attia confirmed, during his meeting with the media, Sharif Amer, on the satellite channel “mbc Egypt”, that the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, cursed the analyst and the analyst for him, saying: “May God curse the analyst and the analyzer for him.”

Mabrouk Attia attacked Muhammad Al-Mallah’s claim that he does this for the sake of God, stressing that seeking the face of God requires the approval of his law, and what is for the sake of God cannot be contrary to Sharia in any case, stressing that the issue of the legal analyst does not exist in Sharia at all.

Attia considered that the marriage is invalid and the return of the wife upon her marriage to a legal analyst is also invalid, stressing that whoever does this is for the sake of Satan, not for God.

The Sharia professor also wished that the legal analyst would announce his repentance for that act, and delete his page on the social networking site, during which he announced that he was ready to marry divorced women as an analyzer of their divorce, and returned them to their husbands again, stressing that he had only seen this case in films.

The episode sparked a state of controversy on social networking sites, but a general denunciation of the idea overtook the commentators.

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