Watch the video… A magical creature from Yemen qualifies for the talent finals in Sweden


After dazzling the judges in auditions and calling them a magical creature, 19-year-old Yemeni immigrant Amna Al-Sami’i reached the finals of Swedish talent show Idol.

The Yemeni young woman, Amina, lightly astounded the rulers and the Arab and European public after overcoming the problems of her afflicted country and overcoming the challenges of asylum to prove her abilities to succeed in the diaspora, in addition to their praise for her voice, which will make her a star in the world arena.

It was considered an expressive cry of the energies and talents of the Yemeni youth.

The young woman, Amina, had impressed the judges’ committee in the Swedish version of the talent discovery program, about a month ago, and she starred in the auditions with all due diligence.

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