Watch the video.. A Palestinian young man in his twenties breeds the most dangerous types of snakes inside his house


Palestinian youth Muhammad Nasri practices a hobby that includes raising different types of giant and dangerous snakes in his home.

Nasri, 20, from the village of Bir Nabala, south of Ramallah in the central West Bank, devotes most of his time to taking care of snakes of different sizes, in an unusual scene.

Eight years ago, the young man began raising the largest and most dangerous snakes in his house. The types of snakes that Nasri owns include in a room in his house equipped with all the needs of wooden and glass boxes, food, medicine and heat necessary for their growth, “green anacondas”, “corn” snakes, “Indian cobras” and ” Burmese” and dozens of other poisonous and non-toxic.

“Snake breeding is a great adventure that he took because of his great love for these types of reptiles,” Nasri told Xinhua.

Nasri did not receive training courses in dealing with snakes, but he got to know them and learned a lot about them by reading books online or watching films about how to deal with them.

Nasri continued, “Watching the films and the searches he carried out bore fruit after nearly a year, as one of his snakes increased in size and reached a length of 70 cm, but it died after a short time, which made me very sad for it.”

Nasri spent an entire year saving about 250 US dollars to buy a non-venomous Burmese python that was 60 cm long. With food and appropriate conditions, it grew in size and reached four meters, which prompted him to sell it shortly after to earn some money.

“I sold it for $1,300 and earned hundreds of dollars when I was only 15,” he said.

At that time, Nasri realized that he could turn his hobby into a business, so he decided to “buy the chicken python he had raised for months before selling it and earn about $5,000 USD”, and decided to buy the heaviest and most dangerous snakes.

“Currently I own ten large snakes and dozens of small ones, but I managed to tame them all so that I can deal with them,” Nasri said.

The Palestinian youth did not face any opposition from his well-off family in keeping the snakes inside the house, while he takes out some of them in his yard in order to entertain themselves.

However, Nasri’s dream does not stop there, and he is now planning to breed venomous snakes and use their venom for medical purposes, especially to develop vaccines against snakes.

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