Watch the video, an American-British study that proves that the origin of humanity is the Yemeni human being


A recent study published by the American University of Florida, in partnership with the British University of Cambridge, proved that Yemen is the first human origin back to Yemen.

The study relied on more than 550 genetic samples collected from various regions in Yemen. It also relied on genetic studies of the population of Socotra Island, which is the oldest in the world, and dates back to thousands of years BC.

The study confirmed that from Yemen, through Bab al-Mandab, the first human migrations began, so that Yemen became the origin of humanity, the origin of the Arabs, and the basis of the Arab race, as they were the first to speak in the Arabic tongue.

During a circulating video clip monitored by “The Yemeni Scene”, he explained how this study concluded that Yemen is the origin of humanity.

It is worth noting that a Russian archaeological mission found in the Socotra Archipelago the first archaeological remains of its kind, dating back to the Stone Age man.

The head of the expedition, Vitaly Naumikin, said that the discovered antiquities date back to approximately one million years and indicate that the existence of primitive man in Socotra dates back to about 600,000 years, indicating that this constitutes a new mystery in the history of civilizations in the world.

A joint Belgian-Yemeni archaeological mission had earlier announced the discovery of a three-kilometer-long mountain cave that includes a group of ancient buildings and temples, as well as pottery, incense burners and other tools associated with performing rituals and rituals.

The history of these temples, according to preliminary analyzes, dates back to the third century AD, while the Yemeni General Authority for Antiquities and Museums announced the discovery of five human settlements and six ancient tombs dating back to ancient historical periods.

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