Watch the video.. An Iraqi child ignites the communication sites as he begs for death after being tortured by his father


Many social media pioneers interacted with a video of an Iraqi child begging for death when he was tortured by his father.

Activists and pioneers of social networking sites had circulated a video clip showing the child being tied with chains, with blood running down his face.

The hashtag #Save_the_Child_Mohammed also topped the list of the most frequently discussed topics on the Twitter platform in Iraq, in addition to the hashtag appearing in the trend list in Arab countries.

The incident prompted the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, to intervene, directing his orders to implement the legal procedures, to detain the citizen who appeared in the video clip, to protect the child, and to ensure his safety and care.

The Iraqi Community Police invited the Iraqis, through a video clip, to help the police reach the abused child and report his address or any information about him that contributes to reaching him.

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