Watch the video mass rallies in Socotra calling for the return of the legitimate authority


Today, Sunday, the Socotra archipelago witnessed a resurgence of protests against the Southern Transitional Council, demanding the return of the legitimate authority and Governor Ramzi Mahrous, and denouncing the deteriorating living conditions in which they live under the umbrella of the rule of the Transitional Council.

This morning, the city of Hadibo, a mass march, in which the participants demanded the return of the state authorities to the governorate and the handover of the camps that the transitional forces controlled by force of arms and the recruitment of mercenaries from Al-Dhalea.

The participants denounced the high prices, the lack of supplies and oil derivatives, the interruption of salaries, and the poor conditions caused by the coup of the UAE-backed STC militia against the legitimate authority in the governorate.

The demonstrators raised the Yemeni flags, and commemorated the twenty-sixth of September revolution, stressing that the people of Socotra will always stand with legitimacy and in the side of the state and the republic.

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