Watch the video of fierce military battles in Al-Juba, Marib


Today, Thursday, the National Army distributed new scenes of violent military battles waged by its forces on the southern fronts of Marib (east of the country).
The scenes showed some of the battles taking place on the southern fronts of Marib, amid the enthusiasm and high courage of the members of the national army and the popular resistance.
The members of the national army also showed a willingness to defeat and repel the Houthi militia, from all the locations in which it is stationed.
Field sources said that the battles of Al-Jobah District have been going on for days without stopping, amid a major Houthi retreat, after an outbreak that lasted for hours.
Earlier, the National Army announced that about 40 members of the Houthi militia were killed or wounded, in a tight ambush carried out by its forces backed by the popular resistance.
The army also confirmed the destruction of a weapons depot and a BMB vehicle, with air strikes by Arab coalition fighters, on the Harib front.

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