Watch the video.. The heroes of the Zaraniq and the national resistance are throwing the noses of the Houthis into the dirt in Hodeidah


The heroes of Al-Zaraniq, the “Thama men” and the national resistance pushed the Houthis’ noses into the dust and sand of the western coast after the bodies of their members and leaders were scattered throughout the areas controlled by the militia, in clear violation of the Stockholm Agreement.

Field sources told the “Yemeni Scene” that the heroes of Tihama, with the support of the joint forces – the guards of the republic, put the noses of Houthi fighters into the dirt, including the dynasty leader Ali Ahmed Jahaf, who impersonates the director of Zabid’s security.

The sources added that Brigadier General Tariq Muhammad Abdullah Saleh, commander of the National Resistance Forces, the Republican Guard, led the attack, accompanied by a number of Tihama heroes, who turned the tables on the heads of the Houthi militia.

The sources confirmed that the battles are still taking place until the moment in the Al-Khokha area, amid the collapse of the Houthi elements, which have lost their lives in violating the Stockholm Agreement.

A number of “video” clips and photos have been published showing the disastrous defeat suffered by the Houthi militia, which is trying to cover it up by claiming that the corpses are prisoners belonging to them.

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