Watch the video..the joint forces control the first areas of Ibb governorate..and liberate areas that they have not reached for 7 years


Field and military sources confirmed that the joint forces took control of “Jabal Omar” and the Al-Awaj mountain range, the first areas of Al-Aden in Ibb governorate, and were able to cut the Hays – Al-Adeen line in Ibb governorate, which is the most important supply line for the Houthi militia in the areas south of Hodeidah and the western countryside of Taiz.

She pointed out that Jabal Omar, from which the Houthi militia was defeated, overlooks the asphalt line linking Hays and the Mahjar area to the brick factory.

The sources confirmed the killing of Houthi snipers who were stationed in this strategic mountain and the hills overlooking the line, by the fire of the joint forces during the battle to liberate it.

She stated that the battles resulted in dozens of deaths and injuries from the Houthi militia, while the battles are still continuing amid the progress of the joint forces and the collapse of the ranks of the Iranian militias.

Earlier, multiple sources confirmed that the joint forces had taken control of a number of areas on the western coast, after violent battles with the Houthi militia.

The military media of the joint forces reported that a large-scale attack from several axes was carried out by specific units that culminated in the cleansing of the areas (Suqm, Al-Mahajar, and Al-Jabalin) and strategic areas east, north and northwest of Hais, in which the Houthi militias have been stationed for the past 7 years.

He confirmed the liberation and concentration of large areas of the targeted areas, while the Houthi militia fled after human and material losses in its ranks during the clashes and other artillery strikes by the joint forces and the Arab coalition aircraft.

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