Watch the video.. The joint forces raise the banner of victory from the Al-Jarrahi Directorate


The Media Center of the Joint Forces (forces affiliated with the legitimate government) published scenes documenting the progress of the joint forces from the north of Hays district and their arrival beyond the “Al-Haisi” station, the first areas of Al-Jarrahi District in Al-Hodeidah Governorate (western Yemen).

Military and field sources confirmed that the joint forces continued their advance in the past hours, north of the Hays district, after taking control of the Al-Aden junction, which connects the Hays district in the Hodeidah governorate and the Al-Aden district in the Ibb governorate.

According to the sources, the joint forces reached the (Al-Haisi) station and the neighboring villages of the Al-Jarrahi District, and took control of the sites that the Houthi militias used to bombard the center of the densely populated city of Hays.

The sources confirmed that the joint forces inflicted heavy losses on the Houthi militias in equipment and lives, and dozens of their members were killed and others wounded, amid the collapse and retreat of the Houthis, in addition to seizing a number of mechanisms and weapons from the militia’s equipment.

The joint forces had achieved great military victories during the past days, south of Hais and west of Taiz governorate, as part of the plan to redeploy the joint forces.

Earlier, the Media Center of the Armed Forces confirmed that the joint forces continue to advance north of the Hays district after liberating large and strategic areas, in which the Iranian Houthi militia were stationed.

He said that the joint forces liberated new areas and ruling sites that were used by the Iranian Houthi militia to target civilians in the city of Hays.

He confirmed the killing and wounding of dozens of Houthi militia members, and the recovery of a number of military vehicles, weapons and various ammunitions, after the militia elements left them and fled under the strikes of the heroes, south of Hodeidah Governorate.

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