Watch the video.. Violent explosion and escalation of flames in Ma’rib and sources reveal the reasons


Yemeni activists circulated a video clip of the violent explosion that occurred in the early hours of today, Tuesday, in Al-Wadi District, Ma’rib Governorate (east of Yemen).

Local and media sources said that the explosion targeted the control room of one of the coverage towers of the Sabafon company in the “Al-Hadba” area in the Wadi District.

Local residents confirmed that Sabafon’s network coverage had stopped in some areas, after targeting the control room of the network’s towers in the Wadi District.

According to the sources, the explosion was the result of a bombing by the Houthi militia, which targeted the control room and a communications tower belonging to the Sabafon network.

The Houthi coup militia had targeted, in the past weeks, the coverage tower of Sabafon in the eastern Jabal al-Balaq in the Ma’rib governorate, which led to a three-day network interruption.

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