We owe a pledge of allegiance to the Yemeni people


The attack on legitimacy by some of our brothers and its destruction by claiming the hegemony of the Muslim Brotherhood (the Islah Party) is no longer meaningful today, and the Yemeni people will no longer be fooled by the fact that the Brotherhood is a threat equal to the threat of the Houthis, just as it is no longer acceptable to destroy legitimacy and the approach of dividing Yemen is justified in any way.

We all need policies that leave our rivalries, which formed a major reason for our losses against the Houthis and Iran, but the first responsibility lies with us Yemenis, when we realize that Yemen, in its unity and its republican system, is our first, major and central issue, and that they are the core of the conflict.

Today, the rules of the game in the region are changing. Yesterday’s opponents are no longer adversaries. Relations between the countries of the region are gaining new dimensions, and everyone is sympathetic to everyone. In legitimacy, we cannot remain just an echo of these transformations. .

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