We will defeat the Imamate backup


September 26 is a great day in which the Yemenis won victory for the values ​​of justice, equality, democracy and equal citizenship.. the day of liberation from the shackles of the imam and the clutches of ignorance, poverty and disease.. a day of launch towards keeping pace with education and consolidating the values ​​of freedom and justice.

That is why Yemenis celebrate the glorious and glorious September in the history of Yemen and the Yemenis, and for these seven years in particular, a special sign is due as they are coming.

Fans of authoritarianism and worship did not like to see the people free and they achieved the goal of September in the just republican rule and the elimination of differences and privilege between classes. The crowning of their cunning and treachery in the treacherous coup of September 21, 2014, which was a clear and complete coup against the revolution of September 26, 1962 and the achievements of the Republic.

Today, Yemenis are fighting battles to restore the values ​​of the glorious September revolution and its great goals, which the Houthi militias who came from the caves of ignorance and backwardness turned against, in an attempt to obliterate their luminous goals by breaking the bone of the republic and returning to the ancient era of the very black priesthood.

And that is out of reach, thanks to God, then our heroic army and those who support it from the popular resistance from the free people and tribes of Yemen who are fighting the battles of the Republic in more than one place and have won championships and victories by which the republican soul was restored and the noose tightened on the hands of evil, makers of sedition, and tools of demolition and ignorance

Finally, just as the revolution that began on the morning of Thursday, September 26, 1962, from Tahrir Square, won against the clutches of the Imamate, we will win today in our battle against its backup copy of the Imamate represented by the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia.

And as yesterday the vanguards of the revolution’s army and the republic crushed the legions of the Imam.. Today your master is the Yemeni army and its men, the militias of backwardness and destruction.

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