We will not stand idly by.. the STC responds to the army’s expulsion of the Shabwani elite from the “Al-Alam” camp


Today, Monday, the Southern Transitional Council vowed to respond to the National Army in Shabwa governorate expelling the Shabwani elite from the Al-Alam camp, after the withdrawal of the Emirati forces.

In a statement, the STC said that it rejects all provocative attempts carried out by government forces in Shabwa Governorate, the latest of which was the attack on the Al-Alam camp.

The Transitional Council considered what happened in the Al-Alam camp a clear violation of the Riyadh Agreement, stressing that it will not stand idly by regarding this behavior, and will respond to it in the appropriate time.

The army and security forces took control of the strategic Al-Alam camp on Saturday, after clashes with the Shabwani Elite Forces.

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