Well-deserved words in farewell to the boy of the General People’s Congress


Today Sheikh Yasser Lawadi left life, we ask God for mercy, forgiveness and satisfaction. For his sons, daughters, family and relatives patience and solace.

This politician died in the prime of youth on the sidelines of the national battle, which could have been one of its great leaders..

It is the honor that Sheikh Al-Awadi was deprived of, and the elderly sheikhs of Ma’rib and the men of Ma’rib who are like them are many times as unique as those who fought, fought and were martyred in Marib and in other governorates of the future Republic of Yemen.

Before he bid farewell to life and lead to what he presented, Sheikh Yasser Al-Awadi witnessed another escape for his camp from the battle and another surrender, no less bad than the handover of Sana’a, that was in Al-Hudaydah Governorate.

He is the spoiled GPC leader whom the GPC leader made on his own eyes. God wills that he bid farewell to his hometown of Al-Bayda in similar circumstances to those in which its leader left Sana’a in search of a new, safer haven, after the Houthis, through his guards, reached all his hideouts in the city in which he has always fortified.

However, the guards of Sheikh Al-Awadi were more loyal than the guards of Saleh, who killed him after decades of fortified presidential processions that concealed traitors, hirelings, villagers and sectarians behind their majestic appearances. Unfortunately, the state and the Republic were a violating trust with them.

Yasser Al-Awadi formed an active presidential and conference cell, one of its most important priorities was to win the loyalty of young activists, writers, and those who were left out of their parties and who fell on the threshold of power, influence and money, crushed under the weight of need and poverty.

His divan became a daily repository for all those who got all the daily pleasures they wanted: khat, cigarettes, and petty cash.

Sheikh Yasser Al-Awadi was what President Saleh wanted, a mass of enthusiasm that often attends in easy battles backed by the prestige, influence and money of the authority.

That is why he did not hesitate to take the initiative to implement what his boss asked of him, which is to clash with the generation of power that made Saleh, supported his authority, strengthened his experience, and gave up even part of his values ​​in order to appear Ali Abdullah Saleh, the feat, the seasoned president, the most cunning and much wiser than those around him, even those who got On the highest levels of testimony from the West, while Saleh could hardly get dressed or wear his military uniform decorated with the ranks he had obtained without qualification or merit.

After the last competitive and controversial presidential elections in 2006, in which Saleh won amid challenges that came from the fierce competition of his late great opponent, Faisal bin Shamlan, may God have mercy on him, Saleh unleashed the young and enthusiastic generation of power around him, of which Sheikh Yasser, may God have mercy on him, was one of his most important figures. Unleashed to start the campaign to empower the person that Saleh was preparing to take power after him, you all know him, he is Brigadier General Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, who failed in all Western military academies, he and his cousin, Brigadier Tariq, before they joined a last military course in Jordan, they graduated after that, marking To take over the most dangerous military tasks in the paramilitary forces that gradually replaced the traditional army, which was dominated by the elderly Sanhani leaders, headed by the current Vice President of the Republic, Lieutenant-General Ali Mohsen Saleh.

The elderly generation of authority surrounding the authority was disturbed by the enthusiasm of Sheikh Al-Awadi, who seemed to lead this generation in an inappropriate way to the graveyard of eternal authority.

Discomfort was apparent on the features of Saleh’s most important comrades, including Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Iryani and Professor Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani, with whom I had the honor to work until his death, may God have mercy on him.

Saleh was not to dispense with them, but he wanted to accompany them within his presidential circle and end their impact on the General People’s Congress, the strength of the authority and its popular incubator, which is well controlled by the state’s money, influence, and the influence of its media.

The Imamis cleverly inserted their elements into this youthful campaign, encircling all of Saleh’s sons and his nephews with young men who provide all forms of services, and further perpetuate the early authoritarian aura around the generation that Saleh is preparing to succeed him.

Sheikh Al-Awadi was not aware that he and Saleh had turned into the Trojan fortress through which the Imamis crossed to reach their goals.

Some may say you are exaggerating.. but take a tour of the newspapers that were linked to Yasser Al-Awadi and were apparently registered with the names of young men who were literally taken from Al-Seyassah Street and from the worn out headquarters of leftist and nationalist parties that were nothing but free and miserable “locals” to sleep in the capital, Sana’a.

It was these newspapers that were at the fore in the comprehensive Houthi battle against the republic. Those in charge of these newspapers, and Yasser al-Awadi himself, had an available local and regional pretext, and an open party said that they were the “Brothers,” i.e. the Yemeni Islah party, the party participating in 4 or fewer ministerial portfolios in the Government of National Accord.

Even after the handover of Sana’a, these newspapers and their youth, along with Sheikh Yasser Al-Awadi, continued to support the new Imami group by misrepresenting, distorting and treason against its true opponents, the heroes of the Republic.

Sheikh Yasser was clever when he rejected the portfolio of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation in the unrecognized “Salvation Government”, which Saleh established in Sana’a with the new imams in the summer of 2016.

Sheikh Yasser realized that his leader had lost the ability to control in Sana’a and that the field and military authority and his network of loyalties were dissolving in favor of the new authoritarian Imami group, and this would put him in a real dilemma. The adventure was motivated by authoritarian motives, which is why the new rulers of Sanaa sought permission and left for his hometown before leaving it in a pathetic way.

It remains for me to remind you of a tweet written by Ahmed Doweed, one of the men of Brigadier General Tariq on the West Coast, who said that the withdrawal from Hodeidah “failed an imminent Brotherhood scheme,” and that his forces were preparing to fight the “real battle.” We will see where this battle will be. All you have to do is follow the newspapers that remained from the legacy of the late Sheikh Yasser Al-Awadi to guide us to the nature, type and field of the potential enemy for that battle.. Its speech is ready. Stereotypical vocabulary and the ideal enemy might be the “Brotherhood windmills.” It fell in Shabwa and as it fell in Hodeidah.

May God have mercy on Sheikh Yasser Al-Awadi and put him in heaven.. We belong to God and to Him we shall return.

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