What after September?


Well, the Republicans celebrated September, and the scene looked like a referendum, but what about after the celebration, and where is the lesson from September? Is this the one we revolted against still remains in front of us, now he is bombing our neighborhoods, kidnapping our youth, and practicing the same injustice and oppression.
For 7 years, we celebrate the impact of the expansion of tyranny and the widening of the circle of the reactionary dynastic swamp, and then we return to our bases as if we had played the role, or as if the celebration was the goal of the desired, and the sum of the end.. with the exception of the honorable heroes on the fronts of glory and honor and those who supported them from the free..
If this day reminds us of our greatest losses, the most dangerous circumvention of the republican project, and the most horrific form of neglect, then why not everyone move to accomplish the task, and if it reminds us of the cruelty of tyrants and their misdeeds, then why should we not all work to turn their black page?
The most important lessons left by September lies in making effort, and that we are concerned with the determination of 60 individuals who decided on the night of the 26th of September to achieve the impossible, to perform the miracle of miracles, and to get rid of a tyrannical rule that sits on an environment enveloped in ignorance that sees the tyrant as a sanctuary and in his hands is fate..
Yesterday was a blazing night and with the sunrise of the best day that appeared in the Yemeni conscience, the revolutionaries were in a hiatus between saying and doing, between wish and achievement, between reality and imagination… with the exception of a small group of sincere aspirants who fight the night of the Imamate.
What a distance between illusion and truth, between those who say and those who do, between those who curse injustice and those who fight it, between those who kindle a torch in his heart and those who light it on his page, between those who make September a station towards progress and achievement, and those who make it just a frame for their personal image ..
The national battle consists in restoring the state and legitimacy without compromising a position, position or mission.
A battle in the military, political, economic and intellectual fields, the battle of the soldier, the president, the minister, the parliamentarian and the diplomat, the battle of every honorable free person in this country.

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