What happens to the camel if it collapses?


In a quorum meeting, I followed Sheikh Awad, Minister Al-Awlaki, advisor to the President of the Republic, and I was eager to hear the details of plans and programs that would unite the people, support efforts to confront Iran and its Houthis, and restore its security, stability, freedom and sovereignty to Shabwa in particular and to the south and Yemen in general!

Hope was disappointed, the oars were hardened, and I was surprised that he did not even mention a single word about Al-Houthi!

Only the talk and the whole conversation were about the governor, and that he belongs to Al-Islah, and that he miscalculated the bridge project, which collapsed after a month!

All the crowds that Awad financed came out with a fiery statement calling on the president to hold the governor who manages the remnants of power in Shabwa accountable!

I mean, everything is fine in Shabwa, except for the accounts of the governor!

Unfortunately, the elite turned into knights fighting over what was left of the state’s spoils, which were not affected by the Houthi death cries.

I respect Awad, who is one of the leaders, dignitaries and sane people of Yemen, but in his recent movements I smell the Emirati dirhams!

It would have been better for him to announce his joining Aidaros, and the transitional would have done all the duty.

What happened to the leaders of Yemen and its leaders and symbols?

Were they young in origin, and their secrets appeared when adversity?

Unfortunately, every day, Yemen is torn apart, due to the absence of state leaders, and because of money and regional projects.

God’s goodness.

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