What is behind UNICEF’s promotion of homosexuality and homosexuality?!!


Many people were shocked when UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), yesterday, on the occasion of International Children’s Day, published a picture of a boy who said he was from the LGBT community with the flag of homosexuality, calling on Arab children to support “Rowery Holohan, 16 years old from Ireland, as a gay activist “Poof”.!!

She also called on her official page on “Twitter” for the presence of young supporters of this boy and his ilk who take a position on homosexuality, “homosexuality” as one of the rights of the child.!

Many people have been shocked by the extent of the audacity and rudeness that this organization has reached. It calls on children to commit homosexuality and homosexuality openly during the day, “your eyes are your eyes”, but I personally was not shocked by this call and I will tell you why?

• Unethical calls to measure the reaction

On August 12, the official account of the United Nations in Yemen published a picture of a group of young men and women surrounding the gay flag, commenting on it: “When young people are leaders, everything is possible!”

After many reprehensible and angry comments about the promotion of homosexuality and homosexuality by the United Nations branch in Yemen and its dissemination of gay science, the image was deleted.!

On September 6, the US Embassy in Yemen published a leaflet on its website and official pages on Facebook, Twitter and others in which it promoted the Abrahamic religion and called on young people to learn about the Abrahamic religion and experience living in homes rented by the Abrahamic religion for young adults of both sexes as part of the Home Living Fellowship Program Get to know their beliefs and experience liberation to the fullest.!

Of course, such calls are not spontaneous, nor are they mistakes made by a gay editor or gay media person in these organizations. Rather, they are deliberate movements that serve as a test of the pulse of Arab public opinion, and their repetition every month comes as a desire to get used to these concepts, terms and images and accept them, and then large programs calling for homosexuality and perversion will be launched. Mixing and practicing vice are programs targeting Arab and Muslim children and youth, for which the United Nations has allocated hundreds of millions of dollars and many teams trained in spreading these concepts and terms and promoting them by many means in order to turn from moral crimes prohibited by Sharia and law into a genuine right of children, youth and women, a right that is accepted. Society and coexist with it naturally and protected by law as well.!!

And not only that, but the United Nations, its organizations and the major countries behind it seek to impose legislation that criminalizes all those who criticize these moral crimes “and encourages the abolition of laws that discriminate against homosexuals or against early sexual activity of girls,” all in the name of “the culture of love” and in the name of “freedom.” Sexuality and the right to be homosexual and freely exercise your sexuality.”!

In his address to the International Forum on the occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia (Idaho), which was held in The Hague, Netherlands, on May 17, 2013, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon said: “The fight against homophobia is an essential part of our struggle to promote Human rights for all. !!

In conjunction with these calls, the series “Superman: Son of Kal-L” published on October 12 its new picture book, which will be Jun’s romantic relationship with his close friend Jay Nakamura on National Transgender Day in the United States, an annual event to raise awareness about human rights. The gay community in the country and on the cover of the book a picture of the two young men in an abnormal situation.!

These calls come as an introduction to programs and directions targeting youth, boys, children, women, and the Arab community in general, after US President Biden announced on June 25, 2021 AD the return of homosexuality to the White House and designated the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, as a national monument in honor of homosexuals. Clearly the civil rights of the gay community.!

• Suspicious feminist calls

These calls also coincided with lists sent by Yemeni women’s organizations to the United Nations calling for the abolition of family laws in the constitution, which are derived from Islamic Sharia and to replace them with the CEDAW Convention and the decisions of the Beijing Conference, which allow adultery and homosexuality and that a girl has the right to adultery with whomever she wants, claiming the right to sexual activity and other disasters and calamities Which are softened by loose terms such as “homosexuality”, “gender”, “the right to physical activity”, “physical freedom”, “anti-masculinity”, “safe abortion” and “family planning” and other concepts that hide dangerous goals that dilute society and spread Perversion and pornography.

These suspicious women’s organizations supported by the United Nations and Western embassies attack Islamic Sharia in all their reports, accusing them of oppressing women, and stressing that the constitution and laws derived from Islamic Sharia limit women’s freedom and freedom and the exercise of their rights.!

As a result of these demands, some Yemeni satellite channels began to raise controversy about women traveling without a mahram, women’s right to abortion and non-marriage, and the need to abolish the father’s authority over girls, an integration that serves the Western feminist goals that target our societies.

The United States and the West in general export their diseases to us and target our societies with large and well-thought-out programs that seek to destroy the Muslim family and corrupt children, boys and youth. Unfortunately, there are no institutions that confront and warn against these programs, plans and agendas, and raise awareness of their danger.

The step of the situation and the necessity of confrontation

I repeat: We are in a very dangerous situation and we need to raise awareness of the seriousness of the goals of these bodies, embassies and suspicious organizations, and we launch major campaigns against them in all educational, media and social media platforms against these immoral calls, and we warn our families and those we know of their danger and goals.

We need at least a media institution that exposes the dangerous targets of these suspicious organizations and foreign embassies, monitors their activities and events, and educates people about the danger of this targeting of the Yemeni identity, Islamic law, and the Yemeni family, which has become threatened by such abnormal theses and calls that contradict Islamic law, our morals and our identity, especially since the elite is far away in another world and the authorities in It has abandoned its role in the effective control of these organizations and bodies, and left the rope to them in the dark, so the atmosphere is free for them to tamper, promote their destructive ideas, and activate their agenda, who are funded by the enemies of the nation.

In addition to programs for spreading homosexuality, homosexuality, and moral crimes, we face Western programs and strategies that are funded to secularize Arab and Islamic societies, spread atheism and secularism, attack Islamic principles, and promote the so-called “Abrahamic religion” and other programs that target our religion and societies. Strategic confrontation and effective awareness through large institutions and plans well thought out.

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