What is not known about the martyr Al-Shaddadi?


Ibn al-Abdiyyah al-Abiyah, the martyred Lieutenant-General Abd al-Rab al-Shaddadi, was not only a first-class military man who fought battles, scored championships, and offered sacrifices until he met God as a martyr.

Martyr Al-Shadadi – for whom he met and sat down – was an educated man with a broad understanding, surrounded by a lot of knowledge and information, who was good at presenting many topics that were raised and raised, listening and listening, and if he spoke, he came up with the final saying, collecting the word and unifying the group.

Everyone we met and those who had the honor of accompanying the martyred team fascinate you by talking about him in his modesty, simplicity, sophistication of his thought and his ability to deal with many issues, even as if someone who talked about the martyr is talking about a civilian who has nothing to do with war, a clever politician, a skilled economist, or a virtuous teacher and educator. He is a lecturer who is good at adapting crafts, clarifying the idea, and being able to accept it and be convinced of it. He even has social contributions to the unity of the tribe and the synergy of society and solving many of their outstanding issues.

May Allah accept our martyr Lieutenant-General Abdul-Rab Al-Shaddadi in Aliyin

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