What is the best time to get vitamin D from sunlight? Saudi health answers


Many people seek to get vitamin D the natural way away from medicines that contain it.

Scientists recorded the great importance of “vitamin D” in strengthening the human immune system, and thus its importance increases in maintaining a healthy life.

Exposure to sunlight is the main reason for obtaining “vitamin D”, and many people have false beliefs about how to obtain vitamin D through exposure to sunlight.

The main platform for health awareness in the Saudi Ministry of Health, “Live Healthy”, responded via “Twitter” to some misconceptions about the way to obtain vitamin D, among which is that sitting at the window near sunlight is sufficient to receive what the body needs from Vitamin D”.

The account of the Saudi Ministry of Health confirmed that this is a misconception.

The platform indicated that to get your adequate vitamin D needs, direct exposure to the sun at the correct times is recommended.

The platform revealed that the best times for obtaining “vitamin D” through exposure to sunlight, in the summer, are from eight thirty in the morning to ten thirty in the morning, and from two in the afternoon to four in the afternoon.

She indicated that in the winter season, this can be done from ten in the morning until two in the afternoon.

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