What prevents the stagnant fighting fronts from not moving?


What prevents you from moving the stagnant fighting fronts that nest in the lines of contact with pigeons and chicks? What are you waiting for?

Where are the dozens of brigades established by the coalition and directly affiliated with it, such as the border brigades, the Saada and Sahel brigades, and the brigades of the Southern Transitional Council. Do you think that they are isolated from what is going on on the besieged Marib, Al-Jawf and Abdiya fronts, just to know that tomorrow they will become a booty for the militias?

My words are not lamentations or frustration, but the failure in the anti-Houthi fronts is very bad, and it serves his militias nothing more.

It is a message to all… The battle is our battle for all. Kimmenis is not the battle of a party or a faction of the people. All Yemeni factions and components, whether in militia-controlled or liberated areas, are required to contribute to it with the various available images and capabilities. If God forbids and something happens to #Marib, it will not A list will be established for us after that, but you will go with your diseases when you were young, and Marib will remain lofty.

We are in Ma’rib with its tribes and the heroes of the national army and all the free people of Yemen.

And the question that we must all ask ourselves will remain: What did we offer to the sacred national battle against the Imamate, in its new guise, the Houthi militia?

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