When will Saudi Arabia embrace Lebanon?!


A government whose prime minister is begging one of his ministers to resign to limit the damage his views have caused to his country’s relations and interests is too weak to confront the hegemony of a party that is publicly mortgaging Iran’s expansionist project in the region!

Therefore, Saudi Arabia was firm in the face of all mediations to reintroduce it into the Lebanese affairs. Saudi Arabia will not offer anything to Lebanon unless it is liberated from Iranian tutelage through the terrorist Hezbollah!

It is neither logical nor possible for Saudi Arabia to continue providing aid to the Lebanese state at a time when one of its main components, rather the majority, is involved in targeting its interests, showing its hostility, and training, supporting and smuggling weapons to the Houthi militias that target its territory with Iranian-made marches and missiles!

It is absurd that some Lebanese and international parties continue to call for Saudi support for the Lebanese political system that is under the control of the Iranian party, with all the hostility it shows in word and deed, unless naivety is the motivator of such calls!

The involvement of the Lebanese-Iranian Hezbollah in Yemen is an act of aggression that holds the Lebanese state responsible for declaring war on Saudi Arabia, as long as Hezbollah has the supreme word in the Lebanese authority. Lebanese!

It is Saudi Arabia’s right to defend its interests and to drop the masks. Dealing with the attacks coming from Lebanon, whether drug shipments or Houthi support, no longer requires diplomatic dealing as much as it requires a firm response in proportion to the action!

In short, Saudi Arabia will return to embrace Lebanon when the Lebanese embrace it!

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