When will the conference and reform correct their mistakes?


Among the mistakes committed by the leaders of Islah and the Conference, which no party has corrected. Islah motivated and is still defending the coalition, and it sees with its own eyes that the coalition worked to dismantle and erode the constitutional legitimacy in Yemen, and the conference refuses to consider it a partner in overthrowing the republican regime in its alliance with Al-Houthi, the holder of the Imamate project. Neither party thought of restoring the legitimacy of the Yemenis based on the popular will. As a result of this type of thinking, they plunged the country into a war that is on the verge of entering its eighth year, and with this insistence on continuing to commit mistakes, external parties benefit at the expense of the national decision.

Each party has mobilized its bases and supporters, inspiring them with enthusiasm and attachment to its alliance, and the bases of any party no longer accept any explanation for the mistakes of its party, except for those whom my Lord has mercy on, and considers that whoever discusses the mistakes of its party is a conspirator against its party and the sovereignty of the nation.

Each party, I mean here reform, and the conference promises its bases of victory, happiness and unity, but in fact they have lost unity among themselves and are writing victory to others, for they have lost unity in the beating heart of Sanaa and on the wounded hills of Aden.

Of course, the masses always have nothing to do with logic, facts or reality. They are criticized for their references wherever they go. It is unfortunate for those who try to point out mistakes and will remain accused of vacillating neither to these nor to those, even if his views are confirmed by military and political failure. Therefore, reconciliation between the two parties remains important. Because it will reduce the losses of Yemen and the Yemenis and preserve the survival of the two parties, but this requires a strategic mind and political skill that stems from the art of the possible.

Although today we are close to completing the seventh year of the war launched by Iran and Saudi Arabia on Yemen with the support of the United States and Britain, we are still practicing the prostration of forgetfulness and not acknowledging the role of the leaders of the conference and reform in this catastrophe that is expanding every day and these leaders are still thinking superficially about the future and about what Its parties are expected to be bulldozed, and thus they offer the most valuable gifts to the new imams and advocates of secession, and fueling hatred between the bases of the two parties was the most valuable.

It is true that there are leaders from the two parties who meet and talk about reconciliation, but their intentions are still in various ways, and if we want to assess the position of each party, whether with the coalition or with the Houthis and behind Iran, we will not go beyond the humiliation of each position, because the alliance was with Yemen Nor will Al-Houthi be with Yemen. The reconciliation of the two parties will restore the balance to the republican system and to political pluralism.

Are the leaders of these two parties aware that Yemen, after it was a country on a historical height, has become a slave for Iran and the coalition?

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