When will they understand?


In fact, the racist Imamate is nothing but a reaper that plucks the souls of the Hashemites themselves by the hand of each other and drives them to death, as night butterflies are led to the glass of a burning lantern.

When will these people understand that burying the racist Imamate and believing in equal citizenship means burying their blood? (I will not mention our blood, as it is of no value to them), when will they quit this destructive theory that haunts them whenever their affairs improve and return them to the category of the open enemy?

They denounce us because we want them Yemenis, we live on the same land and compete for Yemen’s elevation! We want them Yemenis, and they refuse and grieve and camp part of the people over the rest of the people, then they fight among themselves as the gangs do at the end of the movie.

This movie was long.. However, despite centuries of criminality, the people did not and will not become extinct. All in the matter is that whenever we forget their evils, they return with a new prose and remind us of their racism and hostility to everything that is Yemeni.

The film has been long and this time will not go on like its predecessors, and may God have mercy on the great Al-Septimi poet Abdullah Hamran, who said:

And We bestowed upon you judgment when you were

You wander in empty spots

And we said, “Yamanun are our people.”

Nor did the obsolete values ​​live

But despite the ages

You stayed on our land as a community

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