Where did you stay, Hamid Al-Ahmar, after you were threatening President Saleh?


You were Hamid Al-Ahmar, who was not afraid of anything, and a crowd behind you

You could threaten President Saleh from the Al-Jazeera pulpit and succeed in buying the street and taking it out against the leader’s rule, and you would have brought your cells to the ruling house and exploded all the corners of the state.

I was money, prestige, money, Sheba Bank, Sabafon, and all the companies

You were pomp, luxury, positions and processions

Where did you sleep, Hamid Al-Ahmar?

I do not recover, the humiliation of men grieves me, but this is the crude truth: your dream is a seat in a foreign community..!

Why ?

Saleh wanted you to appeal to the ballot box, to the democracy of Yemen and to the people, so you were great!

If you had accepted him, this Turkish fund for a lowly position would not have been your compensation

You have replaced the republic with a community and the ruling fund with the fund of exile, what heaven’s justice, God!

This lesson and this picture is a memory and a lesson for everyone, no one will forget it, the severity of this picture is fatal for you and me and for all people, and for the country!

Where is Sanaa?

Where is Imran?

Where are your escorts?

Where are the sheikhs?

Where are the guards?

Where is your ego?

Where is Hamid Al-Ahmar? He doesn’t exist in this picture.

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