Who benefits from the assassination of the governor of Aden?


When searching in the list of the opponents of the Transitional Council, we will find many, for many reasons, but we will not find in the list of those who benefited from the bombings and confusion in the liberated governorates, on top of which is Aden except Iran, and its tail in Yemen is the Houthis.

This party is the one who seeks to strike any rapprochement and reconciliation among their opponents, and it seeks by all means to create terrorism and chaos in the liberated areas, and takes advantage of the “funded” political turmoil in the south to deepen the state of discord, rivalry and war between the Transitional Council and opponents of its policies in the south (the legitimate government, the rest of the forces South, Reform).

It is unfortunate that everyone knows these facts, but we find those who work to wash the crimes of the Houthis and Iran and try to attach them either to the Islah party or to the legitimate government, with personal regional motives, or with funding from external parties that want to remain in control of the ports, airports and islands of the south, and they know that this will not It is done only under the turmoil.

It is unfortunate when we see important figures in the south, directly accusing reform of the crime, and a disaster when we see naive publications accusing the UAE of being responsible for the accident, to get rid of the governor of Aden, and thus they obliterate the traces of the real criminal.

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