Who deluded the writers that they were smart?


I don’t know who deluded the writers that when they publish a novel they become smarter than their condition before it was published, who said that telling a story on paper increases a person’s genius. If he is not in itself richer than what he narrated, then the ink spilled in the two covers of a book cannot double your intelligence, if it does not exhaust your powers and your book becomes a suffocating collar for you. If it doesn’t drain you and become lighter than you used to be.

Going through a strenuous writing experience, is like a journey of discovery, if you are able to detect, it glows inside you whenever you find a wonderful meaning and you are lucky to reach new areas, which grow and increase in hardness and fragility together, and unless your imagination is enough to experience the experience, you stumble before you reach the middle of the story and the meaning gets lost from your fingers.

Authoring is a precious effort; But as we compose, we discover the Word and reveal ourselves with it, we create it and we are born through it, that is, you precede it and transcend it. She is the follower and you are the follower. And when the story turns, the problem occurs.

For the story that is mentioned in a special book of bliss, just to see a book in front of you tanned with your name, ecstasy flows in your veins, and you feel a sense of your genius, but you constantly need to neutralize this feeling every time your feeling as an author overwhelms you at the expense of your original self, as an artist, the origin of the story lies within him more Which book stands outside on the table.

Your feeling of entitlement turns into a restriction that reduces your inner freedom, leaving you with a feeling of disappointment and unfairness, as if you were waiting for a greater reward than you were given, different treatment from your surroundings, while your true reward lies in you, you have to say what you said and go without waiting for something, if what I said it is worthy of immortality, it will take its place, if your book is smart, you are smarter than it.

Don’t let your story that comes out of you kill you, instead of extending your range, you were not written to rise above your book, but for it to rise with you. Publication consequences.

Sometimes you need to forget that you are a writer or a poet, a novelist or a storyteller, you need to forget your parallel self, that moral image that wears you from outside, you need to stick to your first self, in order to escape the curse of names, as Darwish says. The more you can remove the barriers between your inner core and the loads that life throws on you – or even talent – the lighter you will become and the more you guard your inner sources clear from any confusion. And able to flow every time more strongly.

Perhaps the most dangerous thing that confuses talent, is what comes back to it from without, your feelings towards it, about yourself. You are crowded with obsessions and drain part of your inner energy. Instead of staying around your stoves, you blow your fire; So that the spark continues to rise, you become plundered outside you, you wear yourself out to guard your image that comes out of you, you think that you are thus defending your originality, while you contribute to the dimness of your flame, you forget to take care of your roots, and you watch over the fruit, then suddenly winter overtakes you, and perhaps the leaves of the tree fall and you wake up naked and less solid And strength, for neither your roots are still able to compensate for what you lost, nor have you succeeded in giving the fruit a higher value than it is.

I know many young people, I noticed in them a special spark, I expected their growth if they continued the path, some of them produced an initial story, a good book of thoughts, then they passed a little and broke down, I think the problem lies in some confusion, between self and talent, something of the above.

Forget yourself, guard your talent, boy.

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