Who is the Houthi courting?


In every battle, al-Houthi comes out through his security media to talk about al-Qaeda and that he is fighting a battle with it, and he has knowledge of its movements, and he is keen every time to include the names required for America.
Al-Houthi, who plays on people with slogans of fighting America, is courting in a humiliating and false manner, hoping for the approval of the “Great Satan.”

The last thing that Al-Houthi showed was that all the leaders of Al-Qaeda live in one house consisting of two floors and six rooms, in Al-Juba. And that the house has ammunition stores and explosives factories! (Minus, the house includes a Sharia court, a mosque and a playground).

Al-Qaeda is the file of the United States, and it knows by its techniques the rest of them, one by one. Nevertheless, Al-Houthi strives to lure the “Great Satan” and displays his security charms in a vulgar manner.

Al-Houthi angers that those who fight him are the elite heroes of Yemen, so he resorts to slander, even if it is scandalous and shameful to him.

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