Who will be the leader of the Great Reconciliation?


I receive video clips of our youth deceived by the Houthi militia, who fell desperate (ignorantly and in need) to hand the country over to the new Imamate.

Scenery of the rocks.

Likewise, there are many painful scenes of fallen youth defending their homes, farms and villages, Ma’rib, and the state and the Republic.

Conclusion: They are all our sons, and they are all crushed by the Hashemite madness in Yemen, and they die in the prime of their lives.

Young people do not represent any number in the accounts of racial racism.

An ugly project that is not deterred by the sight of body parts, nor the rubble of houses, nor the wailing of women, nor the screaming of children, nor the moaning of the elderly.

They are all our sons, and their departure represents a loss for Yemen and for all of us, and their loss is the loss of our blood, our hearts, and our minds.

What a pity, and how sad it is, for our country, for our youth, and for the loss of great achievements made for Yemen since the revolution of September 26, 1962.

The lust for power in the Hashemite and Persian element destroyed our country, and it began since the advent of the criminal Yahya al-Rasi in 283 AH with his mercenaries from Persia, and they have been eating the bodies of Yemenis ever since.

That criminal who was falsely and slanderously named Al-Hadi, as Hussein Badr Al-Din was named with the speaking Qur’an, and his brother Abd Al-Malik was named with the knowledge of guidance!

Most painfully, we are still living through the consequences of the 2011 divisions, and our hatred, political differences, and ambitions for power are still general guidelines for our inter-dealing, essential levers for our administration of efforts to restore the state from the militias.

I wonder who will emerge from the ranks to lead a real reconciliation that will save Yemen?

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